People Of Nature:

A mindful approach to our wellness, nutrition and environment


Complementary Treatments

People of Nature has close ties with general practitioners, health organisations and specialists. We offer complementary treatment methods and provide information on the prevention of diseases.

By combining health methods with nutritional guidance and a integrated holistic approach, we are able to offer unique chances of recovery and wellness.


Natural Park

People of Nature has created a wonderful natural park with rare plant species, herbs and animals. It is a place where people can flourish and be at ease

Its permaculture design accomodates a vegetable and herb garden, orchard, toad pool, horse meadow, and several power places

Temidden van deze biodiversiteit ervaar je stilte en balans: wij zijn allemaal People of Nature.



People of Nature regularly organises various educational projects for both small children and young people. We introduce them to new structures, and quiet and spacious studying and working areas

Here, young people who are distanced from society can find back their creativity, and their inner self. Experiental learning provides them with a stepping stone to reintegration, showing them the way back into society

Our guided projects enable them to become aware of their own self-worth. They learn to respect themselves and be more confident, so they can show the outside world they have a lot to offer



People of nature offer courses in leadership, personal development, nutrition, body awareness, mind-set, and creative development

We welcome groups as well as individuals.

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Restoration monumental farm building

Diana HTM Buijks, founder of People of Nature, took it upon her to completely restore and renovate a monumental 19th century farm building. She wanted to preserve the characteristics of the building while creating a welcoming, Feng Shui interior. It was her dream and today it is a dream come true.

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The Natural Garden: a source of inspiration

Diana HTM Buijks, founder of People of Nature, set out to create a natural park where plants, herbs, animals and people can flourish. It was quite a challenge for her to turn a practical agricultural area into an innovative and biodiverse natural park. She designed this park based on her own personal views and philosophy: an elaborate and time-consuming project that required her to think out of the box and use her motivational skills.

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Water-purifying reed

Diana HTM Buijks envisioned a living environment inspired by nature. In this perspective, she came up with the idea to recycle the farm’s wastewater by using plants as purifying agents. To realise this innovative ambition, People of Nature called upon Rietland, a Belgian company, to create a special reed bed, a so-called constructed wetland.

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Bees are life

Our bees are struggling. They are threatened by extinction as a result of agricultural intensification, among other things. A world without bees is a world without life. Losing our bees would have catastrophic consequences for our biodiversity and the pollination of plants. Without them, we would not be able to grow any crops. So how are we going to save them?

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as sustainable business practice characterized by a long-term vision and focus on a balance between people, planet and profit. People of Nature is a one of a kind company. It reunites people with nature by offering a complete and balanced package for physical health and mental development. Our goals and vision breath sustainability and our unique location and activities form a source of inspiration for other rural entrepreneurs. Corporate social responsibility is of paramount importance to us: People of Nature always tries to find the right balance between People, Planet and Profit.

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